miercuri, 24 februarie 2010

Don’t Stop the Dance

The Golden Triplette

Indeed, I must admit that I am a big Bryan Ferry fan.

Lately I realised what was missing in the blog! The music, of course!

When I was a boy, this Golden Triplette was made of Gullit, Rijkaard and Van Basten for AC Milan and when I was a little kid there were Athos, Portos and Aramis. Now will get a little bit british.

Music is my life, as Romanians like to say and think, therefore I will have a friendly attitude, so no hard stuff J

For the moment, let’s dance a little, this weather is driving us nuts, damn it!

Feel depressed? Same shit happens everyday? Bored? Deceived? Well, I got the right thing for you. Nice lyrics too.

A nice surprise comes along fresh from my man Wiley. This gentleman is the only reason that one day I might wear a Rolex, hahaha. Vintage, of course, what were you thinking? But first comes Tag in this race. Getting back to our track, this song is dope, maaaan! Check out those extraordinary beats! And the video! This song beated out the worst flu of me, maaan! Wiley is the man. And Emeli Sande is the woman.

The song will be out on 28th of February, out meaning on iTunes probably, but it is already on MTV Dance J


Day N Nite and if you smiled already you probably like Kid Cudi as much as I do. Finally a fine less commercial track from the “One Love” album of David Guetta, of course, it’s with Kid Cudi, maaaan! This one will bring peace to your heart. Just like in the 90’s. Dope lyrics, of course. It’s gettin’late but I don’t mind… Oh yeah.


Finally, goldies even oldies, 3 years ago a song pull me out of the blue. It’s Dizzee Rascal and he is just shinning, literally. Big love and respect, man! This song it’s so funny, so happy, it just makes you move! You can bet on that. And I really love it when you flex like that J


So you have it, around 5 songs to listen to. I will get back with more about the latest HIM and Massive Attack, of course.

Yours truly,

Ioan Andrei Dimulescu

miercuri, 17 februarie 2010

New phtos from the AIR gig in Bucharest :)

Thank you George, great shots my bro!

Photos by George Grosescu.

Breaking News: RIP Alexander McQueen

No more dogs on catwalk from Mr. McQueen

He hanged himself one week ago in his London house.

One hour ago Associated Press released the sad news.

Fragments from Associated Press:
"Days before his body was found Thursday, McQueen had left several messages on the social networking site Twitter revealing his grief at the death of his mother days earlier.

Coroner's officer Lynda Martindill said the 40-year-old McQueen had died from asphyxiation and hanging. Full details of the autopsy will be available in a few months.

There were no suspicious circumstances in the death, and authorities suspect no malice, police detective inspector Paul Armstrong testified. After a five-minute hearing Wednesday, coroner Paul Knapman adjourned the inquest until April 28. The inquest has yet to formally rule McQueen's death a suicide.

McQueen — one of British fashion's brightest stars — had posted messages four days before his death about his "awful week," and said he had to "somehow pull myself together and finish."

Known for his dramatic statement pieces and impeccable tailoring, McQueen dressed celebrities from Cameron Diaz to Lady Gaga and influenced a generation of designers."

RIP Alexander.

Credits: AP, http://news.yahoo.com/nphotos/Fashion-designer-Alexander-McQueen-dies-40-Alexander-McQueen/ss/events/en/021110mcqueen

marți, 16 februarie 2010

Un peu d'AIR sur la terre (besides Lacoste;)

Keep your hands in the AIR! Merci beaucoup!

Besides Strange Love Party @ Popa Nan 82 on Saturday night (I will get back on that, don't you worry about a thing on this blog or about me;) last week was really keen on treats, and one of them was the AIR concert in Bucharest, at Sala Polivalenta, the place where almost all the great artists are coming in this fu...nky town. Almost, because there are also other places where the great artists are making our skin chillin'.

As for the crocodile brand, which I use to love a lot due to my favorite rap artists and the late Gheorghe Dinica (Al Pacino of Romania), I will buy it only from France, as you should do with Swiss watches if you go to the land of chocolate, cheese, money and milk. It is worth it, I will prove it in the near future.

Awesome live performance of AIR, new songs from the last album but also all the hits that made us happier along the time, from the suicides of the virgins to the stars viewed by Kelly. Of course, old ping-pong on computer to the big screen!

Bucharest is under snow, ice and water attack this winter. On the way to concert all was in these three forms of Aqua, so after walking on water, I just enter on time - 21:00 hours, to catch some fantastic vibes from my dear friend and Electric Brother! Nice soul man, I gotta ask you about the title of that song, around 21:10, please!

21:20 - AIR live in the atmosphere! The visuals were awesome, but here it is some story told by a friend:

"Man, I have been to Barcelona to these guys' concert. Man, it was near the golf and airport, and the planes were crossing by just above our heads and the lights and visuals were like 100 times better! It was the shit!"

True story I presume but also this concert was a night to remember, from all the friends I've met, to the sms-es I will never forget.

Minuses: no coins for the bars, a real mess. You cannot do this in 2010, even in Romania, even in Sala Polivalenta.
No ashtrays. Just some litter boxes. You wonder why people are throwing the buds on the floor? This is why!
Police won't let taxis go up the hill! NTM - Fuck la police, it is also French, putain!
But AIR are one of the best bands of all times and I really love their art from the deepest shadows and brilliant highlights of my heart (now you know the subject of my future review, and yes, it's new).

So, congratulations and all my gratitude for the people in charge of the concert. You will always be my friend bro, I can never forget about the interview with The Violin God Balanescu.

And if you wonder, dear readers, yes, I payed for my ticket, so the lines above are for real. Because when you do something for real, people will believe you accordingly. (So, my brother give me the ticket as a gift, okay?)

All I need...

Photos by George Grosescu.

vineri, 12 februarie 2010

Bucharest - mon amour: French Institute expo

Bad love for this city

The French Institute in Bucharest is one of my dearest places in the world. Here I had the great privilege to have lunch with none other than Gaspar Noe, the director and writer of the masterpiece Irreversible (2002), with my favourite cinematic couple: Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel. As Monsieur Noe was joking that the two had to go to Tokyo to promote the movie, he was very happy being stuck with Romania and that's really French humor :))

On the 4th of February 2010, the cafe from The French Institute held the launch of one outstanding photo album: "Bucarest La mal-aimee", a collection of truly artistic shots of our city, done by a fabulous gang of young and talented snapshooters: Adrian Bulboacă, Camil Iamandescu, Cosmin Gogu, Dan Pierșinaru, Lucian Muntean, Şerban Bonciocat, Şerban Mestecăneanu, Sergiu Mihăescu and the Association of Maisons qui pleurent - Weeping Houses. Even the minister of Culture was there, I do not know if he is still in charge, who cares anyway, all these politicians are just sucking dry our lives.

Nice speeches, wonderful pictures, a very good wine from Chile, that I forgot the name but I will bring it on later with another wine recommendations. One thing is for sure, artistic events in Bucharest are strongly sponsored by wine companies, and this is another future subject too.

The youngest man in the building was Andrei Gogu, the son of the photo artist Cosmin Gogu, and that was really a nice night out for everybody, family or not.

In the pictures: Rovena & Andrei & Cosmin Gogu.

Look for the album, I will give your money back if you do not like it. Or, on a second thought, I will charge you money if you do not like it. And if you wonder why everything is so wonderful in these stories, or at least in this one, well, it really is life. You want it beautiful? Good.

Cause these are my people and we will make a better world.

For real.


miercuri, 10 februarie 2010

Bucharest by Night Ep. 1 - Hungry like the wolf

As I look out of my window and I see the big snowflakes dancing as hot girls in the night, around a fire, on a faraway land full of dangerous and poisonous flowers, I get hungry like Duran Duran is singing.

For all you out there looking for a sensual bite, I will reveal some of my experiences, worthy of sleep deprivation - and I am indeed a big sleeper as I was born sleepy.

Foreigner or local, Calea Victoriei is one of the most important roads in Bucharest, the first actually. You do not have to walk a long distance from the metro station in Piata Victoriei, near the infamous building of the anti-government, to run into some interesting places. Across the street from an office-building, where you can find a Hugo Boss store, on the left side of the road you will encounter two special places, special as in stomach, mind and soul.

The first one it is called Omnivore's Dilemma and it is just next to Cioggolateria Venchi, so it is like yin and yang. Both are tiny and cosy, real insiders hideouts, so if you want to meet quality people, this is it, at least for a good start of the night.

Real soul food can be found at the Omnivore's Dilemma, from sandwiches to carrot cakes, and everything is right. Root beer or boiled wine and you will see again that life is so beautiful...

Do not be afraid of the small space inside, if you are not sitting at the bar, you can look into the eyes of your beloved ones at the two tables in the back. Young and beautiful people all the time, sometimes if you are lucky you can experience the coolest artist and town performing live, and that is the phenomenal trio Karpov / Kasparov. More to come about their fantastic performance and chemistry, stay tuned.

After a good start, we can have some delicatessen. Chocolate, as addictive as it is, but can you stop? Hahahaha, I knowwww (like Craig Ferguson is always saying and I do believe he is the greatest showman nowadays). You will find the sweetest perfection here, with a great deal of types of legal sweets to choose from. She will be impressed, he will be happy and the night will be one to remember. Cioggolateria Venchi, pass the word. More refined and stylish than the Chocolat Bucharest chain, for the real connoisseurs.

Now all I need is the perfect club. I will tell you about the perfect club in my hometown. But I won't tell you where it is. Somethings must remain a secret. Private stuff.

Bon appetit!

In the photos: Karpov Kasparov @ Omnivore's Dilemma

Welcome to my world, have a nice trip!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, and you too Misses :))))),

For the ones who don't know me yet, my name is Andrei Ioan Dimulescu, but my friends are calling me DIMI, one of the numerous nicknames I got along my 34 years of most happy experiences.

For the ones who know me already, well, this is it. When it's on it's on, so hit me now! Big smile as always...

Born in Romania, raised in heaven, becoming a man in hell and living in a shitty country (the infrastructure of pipes is on the last place in Europe, except Albania), I am credited with a smile that very rarely fades away.

I am proud to spend almost 13 years as a journalist in the lifestyle world of magic and illusion. The last years were dedicated to luxury, time (wristwatches and clocks) and also, more important, conspiracy theories.

Since the 8th of January 2010 I become a Freeman again, working as a freelancer, and I believe this must be the best way for a journalist, except the case when after that you are becoming the owner of your own media empire.

So, this is why we meet here like in The Mask - Cherie, we met again!!! - one of my favourite lines when I was younger...

I always thought that web logs are for housewives in search for free plumbers, but I guess I was all wrong and I am proud to admit it. Blogs are also for other people without a steady job.

Therefore, here we are. I will write about my world, where you can discover perfect cocktails, music with feelings, movies that will move you, books that will feel you, people that will thrill you, experiences as lived as live and direct and many other tricks and trips. Did I mention also magic?

Also, we will find the most particular insider's perspective of Bucharest nightlife, artistic and sport events, and also riots, revolutions, street fighting, politicians schemes, places or people (except politicians, they are not people as we all know) to avoid or to conquer.

Of course, it will be more than Bucharest, as I love to travel, probably as much as Genghis Han.

Do not forget: the life is short but the night is long. Be happy, live with dignity so we can raise anytime and any place your head high. Love, peace and unity!

Sincerely yours,