vineri, 9 iulie 2010

Blend In :)

Desert :)

In the desert, foreigners won't last long.

Until then, beware of the Alien, if you are already a Predator :)

But the lizard... :)))

Pampampam pam... pampam...

joi, 1 iulie 2010


Iiiiie ie, oh my girl...

So, you like fusion and you think you are cool searching for all the new music. But you have missed this, its like you missed Christmas.

You can imagine a big (but small in attitude) country in the Eastern Europe. Ah, Europe, will say happily content and having no clue, the finest middle exponents of the powerful nations of the world. For centuries, conquistadores from East, but also West came and wanted a piece of us. Romans were the firsts to overcome by number and in time, by people and mentality. So, this is how we become so Italian. Gipsy, as the Italians will say, in the first place, hahahaha. Don't worry, cousins, it is because we have the same blood. During the centuries, Mongols and Turks, Russians and Germans came for a piece of us. Big and rich land. After 1989, when the Ceausescu was dead and hundreds of Ceausescus emerged to the surface of the tv screens, we ran through Europe. Probably the country with the biggest gipsy community, because we are tolerant, we provided waves of gypsies, Roms - politically correct form, to Germany and all Europe. The result: camps, deportation, forbidden passing. It was stunning: everything in sight disappearing, swans in Vienna were grilled in the parks and all parking taxation devices broken in Paris. Therefore, the generalization concerning all Romanians: we are all gipsies and we all steal. Really?
Here is a little concern for you. if it wasn't for us, Romanians, all the gipsies would have been all over Europe and all Europe would have look different.
There is this fascination about gipsies, because they are free and they do not obey to anybody. The spirit of the fusion between Romanians and Gipsies is caught lately in the Shukar Collective project. Shukar means dope, like in the hip hop slang, and collective means the finest DJ's and electronic music masters from our country. Recently, HBO produced a movie depicting the whole story so far.
The band started in 2004 and the idea was to make fusion, not confusion. dj vasile and dreamdoktor put the basis of the project with Romanian and gypsy artists.
Since then, many Romanian and gypsy artists were part of the band: Vlaicu Golcea, Mitos Micleusanu, Cristian Stanciu, Marius Matesan, Florian Micuta, vj tom, dj rolf, Tamango, Napoleon, Clasic, Sorinel, Mirela Mihalache and Ema Deica.
In 2010 the original members of the band work with dj rolf, vj tom and Ema.
There is drama and there is laughter, like in every Gipsy story. Money, power, control.

The above link brought me after a long time that shivering feeling all the way long up my spine. Its rare, therefore must be treasured. I hope you will feel the same. And the funny thing, a gipsy "shukar" thing: they stole my best line! :)) oh, my girl was in this original form my line. one of the best :) One of them. and you know :)

Like Napoleon, one of the vocal kings, is singing: Incredible.

Meet the Shukar Collective project in its actual form on Saturday, @ Popa Nan 82, from 22:00 hours.

Gipsy King Andrei