miercuri, 30 iunie 2010

Today's Trailer

Gheorghe Zamfir at his best!

No, its not "Once Upon a Time in America", my father's favorite movie.

Its one of mine. When Tarantino was young, this movie was on. Without this song, but still though... :))


And they remained forever happily together ever since that movie... :)

The importance of being original

This is 1967.


DiMi Music bumping in ur stereo


one for today, more on tomorrow


What's ma phunking name?

Forget about Facebook, here you have the meaning of your name :)

"Do you understand, Kudi?"

"It's Buddy, why can't you say it right?"

" Whatever!"



Me, The Saint

marți, 29 iunie 2010

DiMi against all odds

Watchin' you watchin' me watchin' you every mornin'

Tv will make you stupid and lame. This is why I only take a peek to travel/living, hbo or porn. It's educative, like Human Planet, you know...

I am aware of the fact that I am the finest exponent of the mtv generation. But the real music channel, from London, not this shitty new Romanian one. Wanna make money, Mr. Sarbu, isn't it? Not with us. Never. And what about the fact that every stupid thing is now on air, except music? And you call that music? You know the drill, it's like in Queens, face down (Notorious BIG:) AND SHOVE UP YOUR STATION UP YOUR BEHIND!


But, you know I like the game of watching you watching me watching you every morning.

I keep an eye on you.

So, the biggest stupid thing I've seen written on the screen this morning: the end of the "social state". What? You called this chaos of stealing, murdering and ripping a state? And what was supposed to be so social until now?

Romania. As I like to call it, Roamania. Let me write to you just a few words about my native country.

My father died of cancer because the doctors are making experiments on ill people like on rats. And I had to pay for almost every medicine, "because there are no funds". The entire medical system is build for the rich to go to Vienna and buy their days out and for the poor to die knowing their place. If you do not have money but you worked as a slave for the communist/capitalist state all your life, maybe you will share a bed with some other dying fellow during the day. No beds for the night. No medicine. Prime-minister cutting almost every month the funds for health and education. In a future episode I will show you an image of the prime-minister. In words. I am the lord of the Word. And all you politicians will die by my sword.

Getting back to the living hell, if you have money, alongside cancer, like 50 Euros per day, you can rent a five star room in the same hospital. The hospital of the former (and present) political police and political "elite". Actual president also treated there. But the poor must die in their place.

Pensions are cut-off all the time. I have no sympathy for no Emo generation when I see old poor people searching for food in the litter cans on the streets. More and more.

You wonder why I spit this venom at you? Its bad cos' I just begun (BIG;). Let's do the math:

35 years old. Son of intellectuals. Born and raised in the heart of the city. Reading a lot in my childhood. Obsessed from an early age with justice. Listening with my grandfather to Voice of America and Free Europe in the Ceausescu's era. Seeing the bullets hitting my house in the 1989 fiasco revolution. Working in the glossy and newspaper publishing business for 13 years. Seeing all of you and become sick of your rush for gold.

Don't you know that all that glitters it's not gold?

Money is all you worship. I'll live enough till all the money's gone. What will you do then?

The mercy will be gone too. Cause Money God will lay slay all over the world. And Gods will look the other way.

Jedi Mind Tricks - Serenity in Murder.

Look for it. Do not expect the link.
Everything is not so easy as you might think.

Watch me now. I'm getting down. Just like Bobby Brown.

Saturday Night

Coming soon to my Romanian readers :)

Well, I will try soon to have a Romanian and an English version, at least, for my blog. My friends asked for it!
Until then, here it is a little teaser for you: the above image.
There is a little manga heaven on the internet and it is in Romanian!
Gimme quick the right url and I will give you a free drink @ Popa Nan 82.
Come on Saturday, 3rd of July, Shukar Party @ Popa Nan 82.
Check out on Facebook: Popa Nan 82. And Shukar Collective 3,14 Official Page.

And a bonus image :)

Hidden like a crocodile in shallow waters

Japanese Rose

I hated the concept of blogging and this must be the strangest thing coming from me. Besides music, writing should be my second life, according also to me :) And I didn't even count the secret lives. Yet.

But it seems that blogging is good. At least I can say I did write something today. Everyday. This is maybe what I hate about blogging. The fact that I have to write everyday. Otherwise people will say that the blog is lazy and lame. As if they know better. I guess this laziness was my reason not to write day by day. So, I will upload my stupid thoughts on a regular basis. I will try, at least. Funny thing, I used to say that blogs are only for housewives who are looking for new food recipes. So, even without a subject, I will write. I am supposed to be professional, as you told me :)

Well, maybe I lied when I was mentioning the lack of a subject today. The important thing is that you were having a laugh. And, maybe, you had this grin, almost imperceptible when you saw this flower. I know the thing about flowers, but I cannot help it. This rose is for you, cause is Japanese. And you know where it comes from.
Repetition, as you told me. I knooowwwwww! And this is our joke, take my word for it.
So, I must repeat myself...

I wish I can write to you this universe of feelings that I am having all the time for you.
I wish I can tell you this universe of feelings that I am having all the time for you.
I wish I can make you feel by my side this universe of feelings that I am having all the time for you.
I wish you believe me, at least once in a while.
I wish it doesn't hurt so much when I do remember certain days and nights.
I wish you can feel my true heartbeat.
I wish you remember that time that you told me: "All I wanted was you".
I wish we can erase some pages.
I wish you do not hide so much from me.
I wish to be closer to you these days.
I wish I can stay young. But with you.
I wish you accept this rose.
I wish you hold me tight in the darkest hour of the night. And in the early morning :)
I wish you know that this is not ending. Ever.

People cheering all the time around me.

But how can I sleep with your voice in my head? :)))

This is the song for the Japanese Rose today:


B from The Snake, The Crocodile, The Slobber, The Rat, The Crook...

luni, 28 iunie 2010

Its like a movie, it doesn't move me

Massive Attack videos from Bucharest concert, 27 June 2010

Copyright: DiMi

Massive politics

Ion Iliescu a murit
(Ion Iliescu - former genocidal president of Romania is dead)

Back on the track, live! Two years have passed, but they returned to this damned city that we love so much and hate equally and they told us that the last show here was the inspirational for collaborating with Martina in new projects! Flattering.... isn't it?!

As the sun sets over the city, the people gathers to this new location, Zone Arena. Rammstein also tonight, tough competition, ey?! But my mind was made up. Safe from harm. It is almost 7 hours and I am already in. Sunny late afternoon, young people making queues at the bars, wanting beer, or a Bacardi Cola or even Jagermeister with coke. Pecsi, at it is. :)) Suddenly, in half an hour the queue is over 50 meters long and I have finished long time ago my water, even eliminated it since. Serious drinks are imminent but, again the queue, typical for Romanians, follow me to learn more. Anyway, I even gained some "elegant fashion bracelet falling into the temptation of the smoking vice, so cancerous, I know. More toilets and more bars in this new location, please!
Martina, what a great voice, beautiful, thank you, girl! And the crowd exploded at 21:10, if my memory is good enough. At 23:46 they finished up, people wanting more, making noise with their feet on the floor.

They thanked us in our own language, they even wrote us part of the written messages in Romanian and these messages were so true! From the names of the drugs poisoning you because is so cool, to the real figures of the world of today, from the Gaza Strip to the fashion world - Ginza Tanaka bag. But this is the world we live in, must be normal, eh?! At least for two hours you knew the right price of your normality.
I guess we all have to thank once again our man Funky and his One Events for bringing back to us one of the few real shits in this world! Thanks man, as I always thanked you, you are the one who make it possible for me the interview with Alexander Balanescu and this was one of the happiest moments of my professional life! Ladies and gentlemen, Cristi Busuioc, applause please!

Getting back to the show, just when one of my friends told me that the sound is not so good if is allowing us to speak freely, the speakers let the voices to go higher and higher, and it was fabulous!
Safe from harm, Karmacoma, Unfinished Sympathy, Teardrop, my only regret, and I knew it before the show, its that they have not played Eurochild. The show? Massive.

If my father would still be alive, he would have stand for that: they wrote that the former President, responsible for many deaths and all the future collapse of the country, thief of the Revolution from 1989, is dead! My father went to heaven half a month ago with this huge grudge against him, calling him pig every time he saw his name or face, just as my grandfather was calling Ceausescu. So, I've learned from that, all politicians be aware now, instead of eating my liver out I will show you the tactics of Genghis-Khan.

Ceiling. Cut-off. Ripper.
All written in Romanian on the screens where many logos and companies have been listed afterwards. People wondering why? Beyond Petroleum was the final answer, so pick up your own hatchet and fight the power! Wake up from this stupid fantasies of a "design and image based world" where children are dying of hunger and holocausts and the pasts are revived to hide actual genocides, politically correct called blockades. It is all about the money, but be aware now, DiMi will destroy all your finances, concept or form! So, count your days, your paper empire will burst up in flames so high that Gods will feel the heat to their toes!
Cause this is Massive Attack, live and direct from Bucharest, Romania!

Andrei Ioan Dimulescu, the son of Nicolae and Adia