joi, 9 decembrie 2010

Pink as in Panther :)

My fellow readers,

Here is the right Pink Blog when you think of detaching yourself from harm.

If needed, translate from Romanian, maybe you will get that way a taste of our profound and genuine humor.


Yeah, and roz means pink in Romanian. Just for start...

vineri, 3 decembrie 2010

Seeing about I against I

Something funny for the weekned. Or is it weirdend? :)

Jack is one of my heroes and he was the source of inspiration of today's quote, among many other important things, therefore, the next link is also related to me: need a change :)


The only foe I know

DiMi quotes the day

"Nobody defeats me but me".

Photo by Stef Rentsch, Title by The Original King Julian: A guy and a palace.

"Third Eye" Secret Revealed!

DiMi Technicus meets DiMi Leaks

Mystery Broken!

You might remember the times you sneaked upon me and I was awake. Hard to surprise me, I knoowwww! But you do not know. Yet. The Third Eye Secret.

They did it. Again. Its the first time you know it, but this is another story.

The camera looks ugly, this is a mockery, but this is the truth. Life wise.

The nutty professor put a camera on his head, revealing my secret of knowing every time you mocked me behind my back. I know! You know I know.

Congratulations, Wafaa Bilal! Now, everybody knows our secret! :)

What? What other camera? :"> This is just a piercing, darling :D Ouch!

Keep in touch with the Dutch

Beautiful, clean and simple

Free samples for architects!

There is a saying in Romanian: "One should build his sledge during summertime and his cart during wintertime". So, it is time to think about the re-decoration of your home for Spring break. You have read already all the interior and exterior decoration magazines, we may like an Aluminium house, but you do not think the crisis time is right for it, or maybe you afford it and all you need it's a touch of class inside. As always :)
Let me take you back to your childhood. Or mine, it doesn't really matter this time. I had once a British magazine, containing a picture of an old sailor, having a siren tattoo on his forearm done in a Dutch Delft Tiles style. Now you see what I mean? Now I am getting also graphic to you, get it? :)

You can chose your favorite model. If you are an architect, you can get free samples! I can imagine a lot of Roamanians (yes, it is spelled correctly in my humble opinion and own concept) writing to the Dutch company and asking for free samples, pretending they are architects :)) Yes, they do that. Especially if the delivery is world wide!

Now, I let you enjoy your plans about kitchen, basements, panic rooms or whatever wall you want to put this on. Or skin, it's a nice tattoo idea, don't you think?

What's my favorite model? Blue :)