vineri, 3 decembrie 2010

"Third Eye" Secret Revealed!

DiMi Technicus meets DiMi Leaks

Mystery Broken!

You might remember the times you sneaked upon me and I was awake. Hard to surprise me, I knoowwww! But you do not know. Yet. The Third Eye Secret.

They did it. Again. Its the first time you know it, but this is another story.

The camera looks ugly, this is a mockery, but this is the truth. Life wise.

The nutty professor put a camera on his head, revealing my secret of knowing every time you mocked me behind my back. I know! You know I know.

Congratulations, Wafaa Bilal! Now, everybody knows our secret! :)

What? What other camera? :"> This is just a piercing, darling :D Ouch!

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